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Chewing Gum Removal

We have developed a safe and effective multi-stage process that ensures 100% removal of gum deposits and a consistent high quality finish across the entire treatment area. Our solution uses a combination of cleaning methods and procedures to remove gum deposits.

Latest Technologies

This is a blanket treatment solution that both removes chewing gum and cleans the entire surface area to maximize the aesthetic appeal of the pavement and rejuvenate pedestrian areas.

For large areas, which can be managed as per the relevant standard operating procedures, we operate high-pressure systems which deliver an effective and efficient gum removal procedure (see also our power washing services). In locations where relatively small surface areas require treatment, and/or high-pressure cleansing is not appropriate, the low pressure spot clean technique is used.

We Hot Wash the Entire Surface Area

It is important to note that regardless of the technique used, the complete surface area is treated with a hot-water hover system prior to gum removal.

This initial treatment ensures that the total pavement area will enjoy very significant improvements in aesthetic appearance following treatment.

Safety First

At all times the health & safety of the public, our staff, and all those affected by the cleaning process are paramount.

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