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Graffiti Removal

nu-shine offer a comprehensive Graffiti removal service that includes applications that will help prevent the re-application of graffiti.

Removal Methods

In the majority of cases the removal method depends on the surface (brick, stone, pebbledash, rendered surfaces, wood etc) and type of substance used (crayon, spray paint, felt tip pen etc. A specific solvent based chemical will be applied directly onto the graffiti, the chemical is then agitated into the substance and finally the whole surface area is power washed using either hot or cold water.

On very stubborn graffiti we sometimes use a system called wet blast. In principle it is the same as the traditional sand blasting method apart from the use of non-silicone sand through the jet wash machine. The final alternative is a simple coat of paint over the affected area.


Paint will be used to cover over graffiti vandalism on smooth, painted surfaces. All paint is good quality polyurethane gloss. We will endeavour to match the new paint colour to the existing as closely as possible.

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